Our the kennel action began after when our home started to become retrievers. Before the retrievers, we worked with the Finnish Hound.

The first retriever, curlycoated retriever FIN CH Naminamin Sulo, came to Reija in 1991, and after that retriever hobby and breeding work really began.
After Sulo, we have been many retrievers.

We get our Kennelname "Kulteen" 19.12.1995 and our first litter was born 1996.

Our kennel has lived and experienced changes over the years, but in all cases the main purpose of our breeding has been primaly a hunting dog. The dog which is being social and easily trainable, without forgetting the being of a normal family dog.

Our kennel action will continue in the same principles as early stages. Our breedingwork has had a small scale and litters by the year 2015 had 10 curlylitters and 7 labradorlitters.